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User Guide

Connecting Messaging Channels

User Guide

User Guide

Connecting Messaging Channels

iSlash supports integration of WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WeChat.

WhatsApp API

This channel is configured by iSlash onboarding team when you subscribe the service.

Facebook Page and Messenger

This is to connect your Facebook page and also the corresponding messenger. With this channel , iSlash can do the automation of Facebook post comment campaign and access the inbox messages.


  1. You must the page admin/owner You can check your role here:

  2. Accept the permission required by iSlash to connect to your page and inbox.
    Channels > add > Facebook

Click Continue with Facebook and complete the steps.

Facebook embedded dialog box will prompt the required permission to allow iSlash to connect and accept all by default.


Can't get the message?

Please go to Facebook Page Setting -> Advanced messaging -> Handover Protocol -> Messenger receiver → configure And make sure that the Primary receiver for handover protocol and Secondary receiver for handover protocol is in de-select status.

Like this:



  1. You must the Instagram admin/owner

  2. Upgrade to business page

Channels > add > Facebook

  1. Facebook Business Manager
    - link the Facebook page to the business manager.
    ( )

  2. Link IG business page under Facebook page
    - click the page icon (top-right corner) > settings & privacy > settings > Linked accounts > Instagram > add >> make sure no warning message

    - click the page icon (top-right corner) > settings & privacy > settings > New Pages experience > Advanced messaging > App Settings > messenger receiver and Instagram receiver > empty (make sure nothing is selected)

  3. Upgrade IG to the business page
    - login IG app > Settings (top-right corner )> Account > Switch to Professional account > and link your Facebook page during setting.

    - re-login

    - verify the Facebook page is connected, click the profile icon (bottom-right corner) > Edit Profile > public business information > Page > The page is linked here without warning

    - enable message control. click Settings (top-right corner ) > Privacy > Messages > Connected tools > Allow access to message.

  4. Verify the IG is linked under business settings -Business Suite > Business Settings > Instagram account > IG is linked.

    ( )

Account Quality is important, if the status is restricted, account linking may be failed


gongzhonghao, 微信公眾平台

Preparation, pelase register the wechat account in here


AppID:登錄公眾平台【】→ 設置與開發 →公眾號設置 → 註冊信息

找到"原始ID" 將ID 輸入到 iSlash 的 WeChat account

登錄公眾平台【】→ 設置與開發 → 公眾號設置 → 開發→ 基本配置 → 開發者ID(AppID) 及 開發者密碼 App Secret。如下圖:

設定 Token 及 服務器地址 (URL)並按下 修改配置 新增 IP 白名單

請輸入 URL :

然後 token 請輸入一個自訂字串 ,英文或數字,長度為 3-32字符

請儲存這個 token ,然後將這個 token 輸入到 iSlash 中。

**** 請確保 消息加解密方式為 "明文模式" ****

Go to channel and click the "+" button for create new channel. Select "WeChat" in the platform dropdown list

Input the WeChat Account, App ID, App Secret and Token.