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User Guide

System Introduction

User Guide

User Guide

System Introduction

Multi-messaging Channels and Team Inbox are two important concepts in modern customer service and communication.

Multi-messaging Channels refer to the practice of providing customers with a seamless and consistent experience across most messaging channels of communication, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WeChat. This means that customers can reach the company with their most favor IM tools and the company never need to switch different message application or reduce the chance of overlooking the customers’ inquiry.

Team inbox, on the other hand, is a tool that helps teams manage and organize all of their customer communication in one place. Rather than having each team member manage their own inbox and potentially missing important messages or duplicating efforts, a team inbox allows everyone to see and respond to messages in a shared inbox. This improves collaboration, reduces response times, and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Together, iSlash helps companies deliver a better customer experience by providing a unified and efficient approach to customer communication.

iSlash function modules:
  • Team Message Inbox

  • WhatsApp / IG / Messenger / WeChat in single chatroom

  • No-Code Chatbot

  • Calendar and auto reminder

  • Booking Invitation

  • In-App Payment (support: VISA / MASTER / AE / FPS / Octopus / AliPay /WeChat Pay)

  • WhatsApp eShop (payment / O2O redemption)

  • Role-based Access

  • Quick reply by FAQ

  • Facebook Post / IG Campaign Bot

  • WhatsApp Message Broadcast (two-way communication)

iSlash helps the company to achieve the following goals
  1. Enable the company and customer windows by messaging

  2. Accumulate the operation knowledge with an advance no-code chatbot

  3. Build your customer profile