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User Guide


User Guide

User Guide


iSlash provides booking system management across the platform.

The booking unit is associated with calendars.

Calendars Types

iSlash provides 2 types of calendars

  • Basic Calendars

only allow 1 booking in a time slot

For example, meeting room only be reserved for ONE meeting

  • Calendars Plus

allow multiple bookings in the same timeslot, the calendars name with an icon

For example, a hair specialist can handle more than one customer in the same time slot

Create Calendars

Select the calendar type.

If online booking is enabled. It means that you can send the booking invitation by link and let customer choose which timeslot. And you will be asked for defining the rules of booking. e.g.

  • Max Concurrent bookings numbers

  • Duration

  • Service Hour

  • Booking Session

Booking Messages

You need to set up the message for the scenarios below

Booking Link Message:

Message will be sent to customer when the system triggers a booking invitation.

Booking Success Message:

Message will be sent to customer after the booking selection is done.

Public booking invitation link

You can get the public invitation link under the calendar as shown below and you can share it with your customer.


Create the message with booking invitation link under the chatroom directly.

Public booking invitation

Customer can choose the timeslot based on the rules set on calendar.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

View the booking and trace the chat section history

Click View Chat

System will navigate to the chat section which the moment of creating the booking.