User Guide

User Guide

No-Code Chatbot

User Guide

User Guide

No-Code Chatbot

No-Code chatbot is to enable auto messages which interact with customers.

Trigger Condition:

  1. Chatroom metadata in “or” logic of the followings

  • Chat ticket is closed

  • Chat ticket is open

  • Chat is unassigned

  • Chat is assigned

  • Chat is newly created

  • Chat with any of the following labels

  1. And Keywords

    All Keywords / Selected Keywords

  1. Schedule

    Chatbot function components

  • Send Message

  • Send Media

  • Send Sticker

  • Multiple Choice Question

  • Open Question

  • Spreadsheet Lookup

  • Payment

  • Label Chat

  • Assign Chat

  • Unassign Chat

  • Roster

  • Web Confirm Input

  • Delay

  • Quota Counter

  • API Call

  • Jump to Bot

Video Tutorial:

Reorder chatbot priority

The higher the position, the higher the priority

Video Tutorial:

Bot Variables

You can save customer answers on “open question” and “multiple choice question” widgets of bot flow.

And finally, you can export all the entries of the bot in excel format

Example: Message Template and Chatbot Together

This is a use case of broadcast WhatsApp messages to customers and trigger the chatbot auto reply.

Step 1, create a template with button , and the keywords displayed on button will be the trigger keyword of the bot.

Step 2, wait the message template approval from facebook. (you need to click Sync button to get the latest status)

Step 3, Set up a bot the trigger condition by using the button keyword.