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Chat Commerce Settings

User Guide

User Guide

Chat Commerce Settings

Payment Gateway

iSlash enables Chat Commence for your business and let you complete the payment within the chatroom directly. With integrating the payment gateway, You will no longer need to bother tracing the transaction with account department and banking clearing. The system helps you to collect the money with the trusted payment gateway.

iSlash integrated with Stripe ,Paypal and mPay which supports VIAS, MASTER , AE, PayPal , and also the local payment like FPS, Octopus , Payme, WeChat Pay , AliPay* by using mPay provider.

*Transaction fee depends on the Payment Gateway vendor.

iSlash will NOT charge EXTRA transaction fee.


(Stripe support : Visa/Master/AE/ApplePay/GooglePay)

iSlash supports Stripe (support including Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay) for payment.

What is Stripe?

Scale faster by building your business on Stripe's payment processing platform. APIs to accept credit cards, manage subscriptions, transfer money, run a marketplace. Transparent pricing and Easy integration.

Here for detail

Create Stripe account

Visit Stripe website.

Click the "Sign in" button on the top right corner.

Click "Sign up" button on the bottom

Input account information and click "Create Account" button.

Account Verification and link up Bank Account

Follow the instruction in website to upload the corresponding document to Stripe. You can link up the stripe account to your bank account afterwards.

Get Stripe API key

Navigate to "Developer" and select "API Keys" in menu

Create secret key

Click "+ Create secret key" in Standard keys section.

  1. Input Stripe key to iSlash system

  2. Navigate to iSlash panel and select "Payment"

  3. Click "Setting" button on the top right corner

  4. Click the checkbox to enable Stripe.

  5. Then, input publishable key and secret key in Stripe Panel and Enable Store Credit card option for Stripe.

And you need to setup the payment link message and payment success message for WhatsApp or other channels.

*The payment URL will inject to the variable $link


What is Paypal?

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money, or set up a merchant account.

Create your Paypal account

Visit Paypal website

Signup the Paypal account and select the business account / Individual Account

Visit the Developer of PayPal

For integrating with PayPal, you need to visit and then click login and logging in by your Paypal Account.

Remember to select Live

Create App in Live Click create app and then input the name with selecting App Type = Merchan

Then you will get the ClientID and Secret in PayPal.


Remember to upgrade your plan to enable the Live version. The Sandbox version is only for testing.

Connecting Paypal to iSlash

  1. Go to iSlash panel → Payment, and

  2. Click the setting

  3. Enable the Paypal and input the Paypal client ID and Client secret


mPay supports most of the local payment method in Hong Kong. FPS, Octopus, Payme, AliPay, WeChat Pay etc.

Please visit mPay website to create account.

Create Products

Products can be added manually, or Sync from Facebook product catalog (this is for WhatsApp eShop Solution)

Send payment link to customer

  1. Navigate to "Chats"

  2. Select your customer

  3. Click Payment icon

A pop up window will be shown after clicking "Create" button on Payment panel.

Input ordered quantity and press "Create" button at the bottom of pop up window.

Once you press "Create" button, iSlash will send your message together with payment link to customer.

You can check payment content by pressing "Info" button.

The details will be displayed.

Once payment is created, a “Pending Payment” label will be attached to the chatroom automatically. If the customer completes the payment, a “Paid” label will be updated on the chatroom.

Payment List


A payment widget is under the chatbot, you can create a chatbot to handle the payment.