Transaction & Payment

The most easiest way to begin a transaction and allow customer to make various payments
Create payment request directly in the conversation
While chatting with your customers, you might want them to pay for your services. You can do so directly through iSlash, an service allows you to accept payments through a private chat. This payment can be made by your customers for your goods or services.
Accelerate the wholeBuyer's Journey
Having a live conversation with someone makes it easier to determine their specific pain points. Not only can you instantly identify their persona, but you can also identify what’s slowing down the conversion and guide them down the funnel.
Sales support on “speed dial”
Instead of re-direction to another checkout page, providing instant payment can help qualified leads connect with a sales rep. If your sales team is available, they can start a micro-conversation right there in the chat or actually pick up the phone and establish an immediate transaction.
Friendly, knowledgeable, and easy-to-use customer support
If you can provide a consistent and relevant experience, you can satisfy customers be your business’s biggest advocates. Customers want to feel valued and it’s your ability to make them feel that way time and again which will enable you to win their long term happiness and loyalty.

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