Customer Relationship Management

Send personalized drip and retargeting campaigns with our automation tools.
Customer profiles of all channels segmented by web & social behaviors
Powerful CRM with segmented contacts built by customers' entire journey, including web & social profiles, visitor behaviors, purchase patterns & interests, and chat activities of every messaging channels
Centralised social customer relationship management
Use automation to segment customers into different dynamic lists. Filter out cold leads and send them a heart-warming message.
Tag customers on each conversation for better supports
Customer support and sales team are able to create custom tags for every conversation with your subscribers who have become Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, Signal, WeChat or WhatsApp contacts so you can remark for their needs, preferences, membership status for more personalized services

・Interested product types
・First time purchase or repeat buyer
・Remark birthday or VIP status
・Identify as complaint customers for careful handling
Advanced filtering for more targeted messages
We offer advanced filtering that allows you to broadcast targeting messages to contacts in their preferred messaging channels. In addition to applying tags and subscription status, you can also filter contacts who are more likely to receive and respond to your messages by knowing their join time, last interaction time, whether they have connected to website.

・Exact match, contain, and exclude tags
・Last interaction time
・Subscription status
・Time period of subscription
・Connection to website visitor profile

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