From multi-channel to direct transactions, your all-in-one e-commerce tool

iSlash is a centralised platform for sales and customer management in the Gen Z, facilitating a seamless workflow in sales, support and marketing and provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Integrated Messenger

Digital marketing that interacts with customers is more popular in the market and has gradually become a global trend. Merchants can promote the company's products to strengthen the interaction between merchants and customers.

Integrated Channels

Provides a single interface to display chats from all channels.

Team Inbox

Support team collaborations by enabling multiple simultaneous logins.

Customer Relationship Management

Send personalized drip and retargeting campaigns with our automation tools.

Transaction & Payment

Offer one-time promotion links in chats to keep up the purchase momentum.

Conversational Marketing

Acquire and retain customers with a more responsive and engaging customer journey.

Report & Analytics

System analytics to provide a digitalized campaign results and measurement of customer service quality.

Integrated Messenger
Manage inquiries by messaging customers instantly across all channels
Provide a single interface to display chats from all channels, enabling enterprise users to communicate with customers easily on one platform. Manage your chats by setting up intelligent routing rules and facilitate the customer success process.
Team Inbox
Manage and reply customers as a team
Improve operational performance by allowing multiple simultaneous logins on web and mobile app with selectively granted access rights.
Customer Relationship Management
Build customer profile with segmentations by online and offline behaviors
Automate intelligent customer segmentation with learned footprints and behaviours on websites, social profiles, interests, chat activities and purchase patterns across social channels.
Transaction & Payment
Secure payment in conversation
Turn conversation into conversion. Offer a one-time payment link with personalised promotion discounts and product bundles. Confirm order details with automations and generate receipt in chats.
Conversational Marketing
Automate sales by triggering conversations with Live Chat and Bots
Let website pop-up messages drive visitors to initiate a connection with you. Convert visitors to subscribers and connect their social profile with contact profile.



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